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Custom development and participation contribution

MahiruLess than 1 minute

Custom development and participation contribution

WebGAL Source Code Repository in new window

Branch Explanation

main: Stable version
dev: WebGAL development version
Other branches: Archives of old versions

Update Plan

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Contributors' Guide

WebGAL currently uses yarn as the package manager, and yarn workspace monorepo manager.

If you don't have yarn, please install it with the following command

npm install yarn -g

Then clone this project, and in the project root directory, run


There are 3 packages in this project:

Package NameContent
parserWebGAL parser
serverWebGAL local debugging server
yukimiPlanned yukimi support library

Start WebGAL Project Locally

Then, you can start the development server by running the following script

yarn dev

If you want to package, please use

yarn build

The packaged product is in the packages/webgal/dist directory.


After you finish customization, if you want to use WebGAL editor to conveniently preview in real time and manage resources, you can copy and paste the packaged product and replace the packages/terre2/assets/templates/WebGAL_Template under the editor directory, so that you can replace the built-in engine of WebGAL editor with your own customized one. If your WebGAL repository and WebGAL_Terre repository are in the same directory, you can use the release-to-terre shortcut script to execute