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Manage game resources

MahiruLess than 1 minute

Manage game resources

You should be able to find that under the unzipped folder, there is a WebGAL folder. Under the WebGAL folder, there is a game folder, which is where your game resources should be stored.


If you use the visual editor, you can directly open the corresponding resource folder in the left toolbar.

All your game scripts, pictures, character sprites, etc. should be placed under the game folder. The resource description corresponding to the directory is as follows:

FolderResources stored
animationAnimation description file
backgroundUsed to store background pictures, title page backgrounds
figureUsed to store character sprites
sceneUsed to store user scripts
bgmUsed to store background music
vocalUsed to store dubbing files
videoUsed to store videos
texUsed to store effect texture files