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How to start making a WebGAL?

MahiruAbout 1 min

How to start making a WebGAL?


No matter which way you choose to make a WebGAL game, you should spend some time reading through the entirety of the development guide. It won't take long, and it will save you from running into problems due to improper operation.

You know, most of the questions you are wondering about can be found in the documentation. If you firmly believe that you have encountered a bug, please raise an issue at issuesopen in new window or send an email to [email protected], you can also find a way to join the WebGAL discussion community in the "More" column at the top right corner of the website.


Please use a modern browser (Chrome / Firefox / Edge) to open WebGAL and the editor. Problems that may be caused by using other browsers will not be solved.

WebGAL Terre Visual Editor is the best way to create, make and publish a WebGAL.

After downloading the WebGAL Terre Visual Editor, please unzip the package and launch the WebGAL_Terre executable file. WebGAL Terre will automatically open the default browser, if not, please enter http://localhost:3001/open in new window to open the editor.

Download WebGAL Terre Visual Editor:

WebGAL Homepage (Recommended)open in new window

GitHub Releasesopen in new window


WebGAL Terre Visual Editor does not support Windows 7 by default.
Windows 7 users please refer to How to start making with Visual Editor on Windows 7.

Method 2: Start debugging from source code (For makers who want higher customization)

git clone

Install and use yarn to install dependencies

npm install yarn -g

WebGAL uses vite as a packaging and debugging tool, you can start the development server by running the following script

yarn dev

It is recommended to use VS Code for development, and use plugins to achieve syntax highlighting:

Marketplace address of syntax highlighting pluginopen in new window

Source code repository of syntax highlighting pluginopen in new window

If you want to package, please use

yarn build

The packaged product is in the packages/webgal/dist directory


After you have finished customizing, if you want to use the WebGAL editor to easily preview and manage resources in real time, you can copy and paste the packaged product and replace the packages/terre2/assets/templates/WebGAL_Template in the editor directory, so that you can replace the built-in engine of the WebGAL editor with your own customized one. If your WebGAL repository and WebGAL_Terre repository are in the same directory, you can use the release-to-terre quick script to execute