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New Functions

To see the plan of new functions , please visit WebGAL Projectopen in new window.

Whishes and Bug Report

If you would like to request any new features in the WebGAL engine and the visual editor, or report any bugs, please report them to the developer using Github's Issues page or sending an email below. Issues and emails are more formal and long-term, so they can be recorded in this way.

Example of reporting

Hi there , I'm [ name ] , I've met the following problems while using WebGAL [engine or editor] :

[Describe your problem]

[Attach your screenshot if needed]

The specific code where the issue occurred is as follows:

[Put the code you write or the screenshot of the editor here.]

If you find a bug that is needed to be reported , open an issue at WebGAL issuesopen in new window or WebGAL Terre issuesopen in new window

You can also send a e-mail to [email protected]