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Why are my files not recognized properly

File names should avoid using special symbols, spaces and other hard-to-recognize names. Use pure English naming as much as possible. The file extensions should be all lowercase.

Why is my audio file not playing properly

On Apple browsers, ogg files are not supported. You need to convert the file format, for example, to mp3.

Why can't I open the exported web page

Due to browser security policies, you cannot open a local web page from a file. You need to use an http server, deploy WebGAL in the same way as deploying a website. Common ones are: Nginx, Apache http server, VS Code Live Server plugin, Python http server.

Why does the visual editor flash briefly and disappear on Windows 7

Due to the node.js version being higher than the highest version supported by Windows 7. Please refer to Method to start production with visual editor on Windows 7 to resolve.