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First of all, the program will start from initial script start.txt when it starts, please do not rename or delete it.

The following tutorial will show you how to use WebGAL scripts.


The WebGAL script will only parse the content before the semicolon on each line, so the content after the semicolon will be treated as comments.

WebGAL:Hello!; The content after the semicolon will be treated as comments
; You can directly input a semicolon and then write a single line comment

none keyword

When setting resources such as sprites, bgm, backgrounds, etc., set it to the none keyword to close that object.

-next parameter

You can add the parameter -next after any statement to jump to the next statement immediately after executing this statement. This is very useful when you need to perform multiple steps at the same time.


changeBg:testBG03.jpg -next; // Will immediately execute the next statement

-notend and -concat parameter

Sometimes, you may want to insert effects like changing expressions at a certain stage when a line of dialogue is executed.
At this time, you can use the -notend -concat parameters to insert any statement in the dialogue.

-concat means this line of dialogue is connected after the previous line of dialogue

-notend means this line of dialogue does not end, and effects or dialogue may be connected afterwards.

Example as follows: This is a demo of switching sprites during dialogue.

WebGAL: Test inserting effects during dialogue! Switching sprite now... -notend;
changeFigure:k1.png -next;
Switched sprite! Switching expression now... -notend -concat; 
changeFigure:k2.png -next;
Switched expression! -concat;