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Showcase Your Game

MahiruLess than 1 minute

Showcase Your Game

First, you need to prepare the following information:

  • Game ID: The unique ID of your game, use English, cannot be duplicated with other games
  • Game Title
  • Developer Name
  • Release Date
  • Release URL: A link to a publicly accessible page, such as project homepage, store, blog, video, etc.
  • Game Cover: 616 pixels in width, 353 pixels in height

Submit Your Game via Pull Requests

Fork the WebGAL_HomePageopen in new window repository.

Add your prepared cover to /public/images/games.

Open the file /data/games.ts, find games, add the following template at the end:

    id: 'Game ID',
    title: 'Game Title',
    developer: 'Developer Name',
    releaseDate: 'xxxx-xx-xx',
    url: '',
    cover: 'Game Cover File Name.webp',

After confirming that there are no errors, initiate a pull request.

Submit Your Game via Issues

Open the Issues pageopen in new window of the WebGAL_HomePage repository.

Click New issue, fill in the prepared information, and click Submit new issue after confirming that there are no errors.

Submit Your Game via Other Channels

After preparing the required information, you can submit your game by contacting us via the discussion community or email.